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life, it does not detract from the fact that they
had found the idea of abandoning themselves to a
revolutionary reconstruction of society, that promised
to end its enormous waste of potential happiness
and achievement, extremely attractive, notwith-
standing that their own advantages seemed to be
reasonably secure.
Faced with the immediate approach of discom-
fort, indignity, wasted years, mutilationódeath
is soon over but one wakes up again to rrfutilation .
every morningóbecause of this ill-conceived war;
faced also by the reversion of Russia to autocracy
and the fiscal extinction of most of the social
advantages of their families ; these young people
with a leftish twist are likely not only to do some
very profitable re-examination of their own
possibilities but also to find themselves joined
in that re-examination by a very considerable
number of others who have hitherto been repelled
j b^jhe obvious foolishness and insincerity of the
| hammer and sfcHe symbols (workers and peasants
of Oxford !) and the exasperating dogmatism
of the orthodox Marxist. And may not these
young people, instead of waiting to be overtaken
by an insurrectionary revolution from which
they will emerge greasy, unshaven, class-con-
scious and in incessant danger of liquidation,
decide that before the Revolution gets hold of